Is The 2.6 Kernel Ready For General Distribution?

Red Hat is doing it in Fedora, SUSE is releasing it in its next release and Mandrake already has it. But, is Linux 2.6 really ready for most users?

Mandrake 10 has it, SUSEs rolling it out in 9.1, Gentoo has had a "test" version with it since last year, and now well probably see almost every commercial distribution move to 2.6.x within the next month or two because of competitive pressure. This is not in line with the basic "its ready when its ready" dictum that is given as the reason open source software is often technically superior to proprietary competitors.

One distribution developer I know feels pressured to come out with a 2.6 version by May 1 at the latest. He believes downloads and sales will suffer if his companys products lag behind others.

Why a May 1 deadline? Once again, a business imperative. IT industry sales traditionally slow down during the summer months. In many marketers eyes, theres no point in releasing anything new while people are thinking about vacations, not about buying new hardware or software. They say, "If you cant have your latest (whatever) on the market soon enough to get a bump in sales before summer comes around, you might as well wait until September."

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