'Jaunty Jackalope' Ubuntu 9.04 Sets Out to Conquer Cloud, Netbook Territory

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'Jaunty Jackalope' Ubuntu 9.04 Sets Out to Conquer Cloud, Netbook Territory

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Exchange Support in Evolution

Ubuntu's GNOME 2.26 desktop environment brings with it support for Microsoft's MAPI Exchange messaging protocol.

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Ext4 File System

Jaunty includes Version 2.6.28 of the Linux kernel and offers support for the Ext4 file system as an option.

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New Notifications

Ubuntu 9.04 sports a slick-looking new notification system.

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OpenOffice.org 3.0

Jaunty includes the Office 2007 file-format-wrangling version 3.0 of the OpenOffice.org productivity suite.

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I used usb-imagewriter to turn a 1GB USB memory stick into an installer and live test environment for Jaunty's netbook remix edition.

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Netbook Remix

I tried out the stick on an MSI Wind U100 with a 10-inch display, and I found that the remixed Jaunty release made the most of the small screen.

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Smartphone-style Interface

The system did away with the familiar desktop, window and menu structure, and offered me instead an interface more akin to a smartphone.

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Switch Between Apps

A small bar atop the display contained links I could use to bring other open applications to the front or push everything to the back and expose the home screen again.

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Home Screen

When I followed one of the application or location links laid out on my home screen, the application or file manager window would fill the whole screen.

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Server Roles

Ubuntu 9.04 offers to install bundles of server role-specific applications.

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Encrypted Disks

To install a system with encrypted partitions, you must use Ubuntu's text-based "alternate" installer.

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Time Zone Picker

Ubuntu's graphical installer sports a handsome new time zone picker.

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Virt-Manager Networking

The virt-manager administration tool has picked up some new virtual network management functionality.

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Virt-Manager Storage

In addition, the virt-manager application offers more storage management flexibility.

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Xorg Options Editor

Ubuntu does a good job of auto-detecting display and graphics hardware, but xorg-options-editor might do the trick if you have special configuration options to set.