JBoss Fleury seeking for-profit open source incubator

Open source Java leader Marc Fleury wants to use venture capital funds to set up a 'for profit' incubator for open source projects.

Last week, JBoss, Inc. received $10 million in venture funding in a group led by Matrix Partners. But what does JBoss founder Marc Fleury want to do with all that money? Is there any chance that VC investment can water down the open source movement?

In an interview with Open Enterprise Trends and excerpted here by permission, JBoss founder Marc Fleury says how hell spend the $10 million VC he just received, including a project that he says will help him build JBoss into a for-profit umbrella for incubating open source projects. Fleury also says that open source needs a "second generation" and that its time to step away from the "pony tail" image of the poor developer. Read the interview at IT Managers Journal.