Lightweight GNOME Edition Emerges

The Lightweight X11 Desktops Environment project has designed a new version of GNOME that it says is compatible with the latest netbooks as well as with older computers.

The Lightweight X11 Desktops Environment project has developed a fast-booting and fast-running implementation of GNOME aimed at "netbooks" and older hardware. The LXDE project has already stacked up a number of distribution partners for this new implementation of GNOME.

LXDE released its lightweight Linux desktop for general use. Built into the latest gOS 3 Gadgets distro, LXDE is touted as being designed so that "every component can be used without LXDE," the developers said.

LXDE was catapulted into the spotlight in the latest gOS release, announced Aug. 5 at LinuxWorld. The gOS 3 Gadgets release swapped out Enlightenment E17 in favor of the LXDE desktop.

The GTK+ 2 (Gimp Tool Kit +2)-based LXDE first emerged in late 2006 when two Taiwanese Linux distributions adopted an early version.

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