Linspire Offers Free E-Mail and File Storage Services

Linspire and Freespire users are being offered free e-mail and file storage services by the Linux desktop distributor. (

First, there was Freespire; then, free CNR.

Now, here comes FreeLinuxEmail, a free e-mail and file storage system from Linspire.

Its not much of a name, and not a completely accurate one, either.

The system was developed by Messaging Engine of Melbourne, Australia. It offers anywhere-access for Linspire 5-0 and Freespire 1.0 users.

FreeLinuxEmail boasts free e-mail and file storage, and a swift Web interface. It supports SMTP for sending e-mail and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) for mobile phone access.

/zimages/4/28571.gifOpen-source guru Eric Raymond joins Freespires board. Click here to read more.

Additionally, the service provides SMTP services for users who wish to take advantage of that.

But, Freespire and Linspire users dont get it all for free.

The 100 percent free FreeLinuxEmail only offers 10 megabytes of storage space. You dont get any serious amount of file storage until you open your wallet.

Two upgrades with yearly maintenance costs offer respectively greater features.

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