Linux for Beginners

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Linux for Beginners

by Jason Brooks

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Linux for Beginners - Even Microsoft Is Cozying Up to Linux

Linux is getting hotter and more mainstream all the time, enough so that even IT administrators who deal primarily with Windows would do well to get their feet wet with Linux. After all, even Microsoft, through its recent deal with Novell, has begun to co

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Linux for Beginners - Kernel Complexity

There are many Linuxes--and many possible versions--and this means complexity, particularly for proprietary applications that link against the kernel.

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Linux for Beginners - Application Complexity

Clustered around the kernel are hundreds of other applications, most of which have been developed by separate projects.

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Linux for Beginners - Make Your Testing Virtual

The easiest way to test out a Linux distribution is to do so with a virtualization product, like VMwares Player, Workstation or Server; Microsofts Virtual PC or Virtual Server; or Parallels Workstation.

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Linux for Beginners - OpenSSH Is Your Friend

Pick up (if you dont already have it) software for making terminal connections with and for copying files to and from your Linux VM via OpenSSH. For Windows, we recommend Putty and WinSCP.

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Linux for Beginners - Linux Distro Short List

Following is an evaluation short list of Linux distros.

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Linux for Beginners - Fedora

Fedora is the cutting-edge sibling of Red Hats more staid, stable and costly Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The skills you develop using Fedora will transfer directly to RHEL.

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Linux for Beginners - OpenSUSE

Generally speaking, OpenSUSE is to Novells SUSE Linux Enterprise distributions what Fedora is to Red Hats Enterprise Linux.

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Linux for Beginners - Ubuntu

Ubuntu has, in just a couple of years, managed to leap into prominence among Linux-based OS options. Ubuntu owes this success in large part to the Debian GNU/Linux foundation on which its based.

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Linux for Beginners - Foresight

What earns Foresight a spot in this short list of Linux distributions for consideration is the rPath Linux foundation on which its built.

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