Linux Partisans Gather at Linux Foundation's Annual Meeting

The diverse Linux community gathers to debate future paths for the open-source operating system.  

AUSTIN, Texas-How do you herd cats? Well, as the famous EDS commercial shows, it isn't easy. In a sense, that's what the Linux Foundation, the nonprofit pro-Linux organization, will be doing this week at the invitation-only LF Collaboration Summit at the University of Texas Super Computing Center here.

Linux, as anyone who follows it knows, is the result of the efforts of hundreds of developers, and it serves the needs of at least as many companies and--thanks to its role in leading Web sites such as Google and its popularity with Web-hosting companies-hundreds of millions of users.

So, while no one "runs" Linux in the same way that Microsoft runs Windows, the Linux Foundation, and its related projects such as the Linux Standard Base, does the best it can to herd the Linux cats.

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