Linux Show Powers Up

The annual Linux Symposium will tackle enterprise issues-and offer attendees a chance to talk about Linux kernel 2.7 and the SCO struggle.

OTTAWA—Linux users from around the world are gathering this week at the annual Linux Symposium here.

While theyre not on the agenda, the gathering will provide attendees a forum at which to discuss this summers hottest Linux topics, including of Unix System V copyright and the impending Version 2.7 of the Linux kernel. The Linux Symposium runs immediately after the invitation-only Linux Kernel Summit, also in Ottawa.

Among Wednesdays presentations, developer Tim Riker of Texas Instruments will discuss the future of Linux in the mobile-device market.

On the heels of a recent report surrounding Linux on the PowerPC platform, IBM hosts a presentation on low-level optimizations of the Linux kernel for the 32- and 64-bit PowerPC chip. recently reported on an IBM move to market 64-bit PowerPC chips on Linux-based servers.

Thursdays highlights include presentations on Cluster File Systems Lustre as well as Google. Phil Schwan of Lustre will describe challenges faced by operating a file system for clusters operating with more than 1,000 nodes. Marc J. Merlin of Google presents on how Google has scaled Linux to over 10,000 machines, and will describe some of the lesser-known systems behind Googles architecture.

The Linux Symposium runs until July 26. Check for continuing coverage and community reaction from the show.