Linux to Gain Completely Fair Scheduler

Future releases of Linux may provide more responsive desktop performance thanks to a new "completely fair scheduler" being incorporated into the mainline Linux kernel.

The next release of the Linux kernel will apparently gain an all-new scheduler said to deliver better desktop scheduling. Ingo Molnars CFS ("completely fair scheduler") implements a fair scheduling approach long advocated by Con "Conman" Kolivas, a practicing Australian medical doctor specializing in anaesthesia.

Molnar, a Red Hat employee who maintains the kernels scheduling subsystem, describes CFS as follows: "Eighty percent of CFSs design can be summed up in a single sentence: CFS basically models an ideal, precise multi-tasking CPU on real hardware."

Molnar adds, "Id like to give credit to Con Kolivas for the general approach here: he has proven via RSDL/SD [Staircase-Deadline] that fair scheduling is possible and that it results in better desktop scheduling. Kudos Con!"

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