LinuxWorld 2004

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LinuxWorld 2004

The main entrance in New Yorks Jacob Javits Center decked out penguin style.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - Power to the Linux People.

James Stallings, IBMs general manager of Linux talked up the companys 64-bit, Linux-friendly POWER processor architecture at a press conference on Wednesday.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - e-LAP in the Hand

No relation to the racehorse Phar Lap, IBM unveiled its e-LAP (embedded Linux Application Platform), an open-standards-based Linux and Java PDA reference design.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004 (demo)

Jim Enright, director of Oracle Corp.s Linux program Office, explained the companys strategy for Linux enterprise solutions inside the dark and foreboding Oracle 10g dome.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004 (hardware)

Originally commissioned by the Department of Energy, Systran Corp.s Cluster Computing System is designed to operate in extreme temperatures and high altitudes, as well as resist shocks and vibrations.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004 (exhibitor)

The open-source Helix Media Player poses a question to program manager Vikram Dendi.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - X Marks the Spot

StarNet Communications Corp.s Desktop-X X11 server offers rehosted Unix applications on a Windows desktop, using the Interix subsystem.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - To Heck and Back

Mike Heck, chief technology officer of TGS Inc., demonstrates how the companys Amira Scientific Visualization Application can create 3D graphics for medical imaging, data analysis and other scientific pursuits.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - The Linux Posse

Jim Gleason (the one not wearing a t-shirt), president of the New York Linux Users Group, and many others from this influential community in the Big Apple.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004 (robot)

Sprockets, the robo-shill, hypes Messaging Processing Platform 1.05, a k a MPP, RAE Internet Inc.s new anti-virus and anti-spam software.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004

To celebrate its record-breaking TPC-C benchmark, Red Hat Inc. raffled off a 2004 Porsche Boxster. There was a catch, however, the prize was only for a two-year lease.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004

David Chow, CEO of ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., in traditional Chinese garb (the Chinese New Year arrived during the show). The companys Volume Replicator software can saves Linux users data from certain doom in case of a disaster.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004

Sybase Inc.s Linux Competency Center Director Sinan Baskan and a screenshot of SQL Anywhere Studio 8 running on Linux.

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004 (geeks)

Moderator Chris DiBona conferred with contestants at LinuxWorlds infamous Golden Penguin Bowl trivia challenge. Go team!

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LinuxWorld 2004 - LinuxWorld 2004

Well take Lindows, for $200, Alex!

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