LinuxWorld Boston 2005

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005

Darn, this shot missed the humanoid penguin greeters. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - The Revolution is Upon Us

Ben Brenker of sports an Egenera tri-corner hat. As in, Boston, colonialists, the Brits are coming. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 -\s Colin Bodell

As celebrated the 1 million mark for registered users of its open-source software development site, VA Software CTO Colin Bodell said that the projects theyre seeing are now getting pretty doggone sophisticated: CRM, ERP and word processi

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Egenera Milks the Boston Angle

Egenera, a utility computing company, plunked tri-corner colonialist hats on people. This is Boston, right? And thats where the Revolution started, get it? And Egenera has a Freedom Trail to operating system liberation in the data center. Get it? Get it?

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - AMD booth

AMD?s booth generated its own gravity as the chip maker attempts to suck enterprises into Linux via blade mania. It was orbited by a constellation of vendors with multi-way Opteron boxes, including Angstrom Microsystems, Appro and Rackable Systems. (SOURC

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Open Source Labs Firefox Stuffies

The little furry devils are taking over the world. Did someone say Firefox has been downloaded 25 million times? Oh, my, IE, oh, my. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Putting a Toe into the Linux Waters

Zoo New Englands Director of Information Services Kenneth Fung says that the organization has got to update about half of its servers, and this time out, Microsoft will not be a knee-jerk decision. Talk about making do with less: The nonprofit organizati

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - HP Sales Rep Frightens Penguins

Change is Good, HPs signage read, but were sure that has nothing to do with recent shifts on the executive level. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 -\s Jeff Bates VP of Editorial Operations Jeff Bates says the myth of open-source developers all being 17-year-old kids surrounded by pizza boxes as they work in basements is way off the mark. Most are professional software developers, in their late 20s or

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Intel box for IBM DB2

Scale out for less, Intel says on this flashy little piece of see-through yumminess, a demonstration of Intel chips scaling IBMs DB2 for Linux. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Oracle\s Wim Coekaerts

Director of Linux Engineering Wim Coekaerts says that the newly launched Linux Test Lab is Oracles way of making sure the company simulates what Linux is up against in the real world, instead of just focusing on running Oracle on Linux, as the company ha

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Intel\s Booth

If the mission was to have a big booth, mission accomplished. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Red Hat, Red Sox

Red Hat reveled in the Red Sox glow. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Angstrom Micro

Angstrom showed off 8-way Opteron processors in its OctaBlade blades. (SOURCE:

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LinuxWorld Boston 2005 - Geek Inside T-Shirt

From the Stating the Glaringly Obvious Department. (SOURCE:

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