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LinuxWorld Expo

Embedded Linux in portable devices provide a flexible, open platform for developing the broad set of applications and functionality users want. For example, the Linux-powered Kangaroo TV gives race fans a truly hands-on NASCAR experience. It streams MPEG4

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LinuxWorld Expo - It\s a Penguin!

Even the mighty Linux mascot is properly cooled and ventilated.

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LinuxWorld Expo - Qtopia Greenphone

Trolltechs Qtopia serves as an embedded Linux platform for developing handsets and other portable devices. The Greenphone development platform shown here features a touchscreen and keypad UI, QVGA LCD, and XScale 312MHz dual core processor with 64MB RAM

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LinuxWorld Expo - Motorola Ming

What operating system does the best-selling smart phone in China run? Heres a hint, its not from Microsoft, Symbian, or PalmSource. Yeah, its Linux. In addition to the typical smart phone stuff, the Ming translates words from Chinese to English and vic

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LinuxWorld Expo - Motorola E680

The E680 showcases how Linux and Java can bring you your movies, tunes, email, and instant messaging on the road. SD card support expands storage for the long haul.

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LinuxWorld Expo - i-Station T43 PMP

This portable media player from Digital Cube runs?you guessed it?Linux, and sports a 4.3 480 x 272 resolution screen and 30GB hard drive as well as GPS and DMB (digital media broadcasting) tuner support.

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LinuxWorld Expo - EnterpriseDB Powers Online Gaming

Ever wonder how the database management system behind the online world of Everquest II works? EnterpriseDB makes sure your level 30 Wood Elf Ranger is accessible when you want it. The next time you go 36 hours straight without leaving your desk, remember

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LinuxWorld Expo - Linux on Lenovo

Running Linux on a laptop can be a nightmare if the hardware support isnt there. Lenovos Thinkpad T60p now ships with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. With fully supported power management, graphics acceleration, and wireless networking, reliable Linux

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LinuxWorld Expo - Pogo Linux

Pogos StorageWare DA360 proves your desk has room for 7.5TB of storage after all?you just have to keep it neat.

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LinuxWorld Expo - TYAN Typhoon PSC

The PSC stands for Personal Super Computer. Supporting up to eight AMD Opteron HE CPUs and up to 64GB of DDR333/400 RAM, the Typhoon PSC is designed to tackle your research and other supercomputing needs. Those 30+ Gigaflops of desk-side pro

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LinuxWorld Expo - More RAM Please…

TYAN also showed off some of its server-class motherboards like this Thunder n4250QE. It features sockets for four Opteron processors, 16 DDR2 DIMM slots, two x16 PCI-E slots, two x4 PCI-E slots, a 32-bit PCI slot, and supports up to eight SATA drives.

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LinuxWorld Expo - Slashdot Lounge

Slashdotters basking in the glory of all things Linux from the comfort of bean bags and couches.

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LinuxWorld Expo - Xserve RAID

Apple showed off its RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5, and 0+1 capable Xserve storage system getting along well with Red Hat, SUSE, and Yellow Dog Linux.

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