LinuxWorld Rumor Mill Turns

Opinion: Wondering what you'll see at LinuxWorld Boston? Here's the word on the street. (Linux-Watch)

I could tell you what you will see at LinuxWorld Boston this coming week (April 3-6), but whats the fun in that?

Instead, here are some of the rumors Ive been hearing about what may come up at the show.

Yet more companies are going to announce support for Xen.

This will come as no news to most of you, but everyone from the enterprise to home Linux users has gone virtualization-crazy.

/zimages/3/28571.gifAMD plans to slice up a server in a LinuxWorld demo. Click here to read more.

Dont be surprised, however, if Xen isnt the only one to get some LinuxWorld love.

VMware may also be getting a plug from a major Linux distributor.

You may just hear some news about a big OEM finally giving the Linux desktop a fair shake.

The company I hear most often mentioned in this regard is Dell.

But which Linux distributor will get the brass ring?

Novell, which has buddied up with Dell on server management recently?

Red Hat, when it converts Fedora Core 5 into the next version of Red Hat Desktop in a few months?

Or, heres one for you, Ubuntu, together with MEPIS and recently fired Mandriva founder Gael Duval.

Regardless of the truth, if any, of that last rumor, you can expect Ubuntu, led by Mark Shuttleworth, to make some business and enterprise news at the show.

Ubuntu is getting ready to make the jump from the most popular community Linux distribution to being a serious business distribution. Red Hat, Novell, consider yourselves properly warned.

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