Mandrake Founder Rolls Out Debian-Based Distro

Fired from his own company, Gaël Duval, is back with the first alpha release of a new Debian/Ubuntu distribution.

Gaël Duval, founder and former developer of Mandrake (now Mandriva) Linux, has introduced the first test release of a new distribution derived from Debian and Ubuntu. Ulteo Linux sports a 2.6.15 kernel and KDE 3.5.2 desktop, and aims to introduce revolutionary concepts in managing and updating an operating system and applications.

"Here is the first public version of Ulteo," the France-based Duval said in the release notes. "Its code name is Sirius, because we want to make it a star."

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Ulteo contains bits from Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian GNU/Linux, according to Duval. Currently in early stages of development, Ulteo promises to bring new concepts designed to help individuals with limited knowledge to accomplish many common computing tasks, Duval said.

"This installable live CD is based on Debian and Ubuntu packages. Its installed on the hard-drive using Yuch," he added.

"A daemon, called UGD [Ulteo General Daemon], is always connecting to Ulteo servers to see if a newer, more up to date system is available. It can then upgrade to this new system."

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