MEPIS Gives New Ubuntu-Based Linux a Dapper Look

This latest MEPIS distro features a brand-new engine under its hood: Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake," which replaces the distro's previous core, Debian Sarge, and it sports a shiny new KDE body.

Do you like Ubuntu? Do you like KDE? Would you like to have them both in one distribution, but with more than Kubuntu can give you? If thats you, then SimplyMEPIS 6.2 is your operating system.

SimplyMEPIS, long a well-regarded Debian-based Linux distribution, will be coming out soon with a new engine underneath its hood. This time, instead of Debian Sarge, its motor is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Service), known to its friends as Dapper Drake.

Why did MEPIS LLC, a leader of the DCC Alliance—a group of Debian supporters and companies devoted to creating a common Linux Standard Base Debian Core—decide to switch to Ubuntu?

It was two factors. First, Morgantown, W.Va.-based Warren Woodford wasnt sure if the DCC was going to stay on track. The other, perhaps more important one, was that like many others, Woodford has been impressed by the Ubuntu developer communitys speed and quality in producing a Debian-based distribution.

So it is that were on the brink of seeing the first Ubuntu-based Linux distribution thats not from Ubuntu or its commercial partner, Canonical Ltd.

Heres my early peek at what youll find.

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