Microsoft/Xandros Patent Pact Deja Vu

Opinion: Xandros gets a sweet deal from Microsoft by implying that there's Microsoft intellectual property hiding in Linux.

Microsoft on June 4 announced a set of broad collaboration agreements with Linux distributor Xandros. Chief among these agreements is an intellectual property assurance that Microsoft will provide patent covenants for Xandros Linux customers, along the lines of the recent Microsoft/Novell deal.

David Kaefer, Microsofts general manager for IP (intellectual property) and licensing, told eWEEKs Peter Galli that these covenants are almost identical to Microsoft and Novells patent agreement and covenant not to sue. Kaefer said this will ensure that the Xandros Linux technologies customers use are compliant with Microsofts IP.

Here we go again.

Once more we have Microsoft pledging that it wont sue Novell—excuse me, Xandros—Linux customers for violating its IP, specifically patents. What patents? Determined how? Violated in what way? We dont know, and Microsoft still isnt telling.

As Ive asked before: How dumb does Microsoft think we are?

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