Motorola Entices Developers with Tools for Linux Phones

Motorola has started a public preview of development tools for unreleased Linux mobile phones. The free Eclipse-based tools will help Linux developers create, test and certify native applications for the newest Motorola handsets.

Motorola has released a "public preview" of the first-ever native development tools for unreleased models of its Linux-based mobile phones.

MotoDev Studio for Linux 0.3 is a freely downloadable, Eclipse-based tool suite aimed at helping third-party and community Linux developers create, test and certify apps for the newest Motorola phone models.

MotoDev Studio for Linux is one of four MotoDev suites currently available from Motorola's developer Web site. The others target Java, UIQ and Web widget development.
Motorola calls MotoDev Studio for Linux v0.3 a "public preview" that is still a "work in progress" and is functionally incomplete. Dino Brusco, director of developer platforms for Motorola, explained in an interview that the designation and disclaimers exist primarily because the phone models that the tool kit is meant to support are not available yet. "The tools will be finalized at the same time that the new Linux platform becomes available," he said.
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