Musical Chairs Continues at Novell

SuSE Linux founder Hubert Mantel reportedly announces his resignation via e-mail to friends and business associates. (

In the latest bit of personnel-related news from beleaguered Linux software/services provider Novell Inc., Nuremburg, Germany-based SUSE Linux founder Hubert Mantel announced his resignation Tuesday via email to friends and business associates on one of the SUSE mailing lists.

Mantel, chief maintainer of the SUSE Linux kernel, simply said in the brief letter that he could no longer work for the company any longer. Novell acquired SUSE in January 2004.

"This is no longer the company I founded 13 years ago," Mantel reportedly wrote.

Novell corporate spokesman Bruce Lowry confirmed Mantels resignation to Ziff Davis Internet Wednesday afternoon.

On Nov. 1, Novell Inc. replaced Jack Messman as company president with former VP Ron Hovsepian, although Messman retained two other titles: CEO and chairman of the board. The next day, Novell announced its long-expected layoffs. About 600 employees will leave the company by the end of the year as a result.

Novell also may ultimately divest itself of its consulting subsidiary, Celerant, which would mean another 500 employees off the Novell payroll. Messman was CEO of Celerants parent company, Cambridge, before Novell acquired it in 2001.

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Editors Note: This story was changed to clarify Jack Messmans titles and work history.

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