MySQL Is Not Abandoning Debian

Contrary to reports, MySQL is not leaving Debian behind, but company officials understand how this mistaken impression was given.

In a recent Slashdot story, a disgruntled Debian developer posted that "MySQL [has] quietly deprecated support for most Linux distributions on October 16, when its MySQL Network support plan was replaced by MySQL Enterprise. MySQL now supports only two Linux distributions—Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server."

He went on to say, "We learned of this when MySQL declined to sell us support for some new Debian-based servers. Our sales rep found out from engineering that the current Enterprise offering is no longer supported on Debian OS."

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Linux-Watch has learned, however, that this is not the case.

In a note from MySQL AB public relations, a MySQL representative said, "MySQL AB apologizes for any miscommunication that may have implied that the MySQL database does not run on the popular Debian Linux operating system, or that the company does not offer technical support for MySQL Enterprise subscribers using Debian."

She continued, "We have a strong commitment to Debian and other forms of Linux—for both open source community developers and corporate enterprises." Further, "the Debian Linux operating system is an active, growing and successful platform for the MySQL database to run on."

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