NetBSD Got Game

Confused by the many packaged flavors of Linux?

Confused by the many packaged flavors of Linux? Among the BSDs, FreeBSD probably has the greatest mind share and the user-friendliest tools, OpenBSD is considered one of the most secure Internet platforms, and BSDI was one of the first to offer corporate-level support and services. So what about NetBSD, which sometimes seems like BSDs forgotten stepchild?

In tests of the latest release, NetBSD 1.52, I was most impressed by far with the number of platforms it can run on. Net-BSD can run on almost any computer platform created, from the Acorn to modern PCs and SPARC workstation, from Amigas to PowerMacs, and from Windows CE handhelds to Sony Playstations.

NetBSD isnt quite as user-friendly as FreeBSD or as quick to secure as OpenBSD, but it still does quite well in these areas. NetBSD can be found at