New Java Encryption Tool Readied

Jasypt 1.4 can be integrated with Spring Framework, Hibernate and Acegi Security.

The team behind the Jasypt Java encryption tool is rolling out Jasypt 1.4.

Jasypt is a Java library that enables developers to add basic encryption capabilities to their projects with minimum effort and without having to know much about cryptography, developers involved with the project said.

Jasypt, also known as Java Simplified Encryption, is an open-source project hosted on New features in version 1.4, which was announced Nov. 23, include encryptable properties files and Spring Framework integration, encryptable Hibernate data source configuration, new command line tools, Apache wicket integration for URL encryption and upgraded documentation.

According to the Jasypt documentation, the technology can be used for encryption tasks associated with applications, such as encrypting passwords, sensitive information and data communications, and creating sums for integrity checking of data.

Other features include high-security, standards-based encryption techniques, both for unidirectional and bidirectional encryption to encrypt passwords, texts, numbers and binaries. Jasypt also can integrate with Acegi Security, which is also known as Spring Security. The Jasypt technology also has integrated capabilities for encrypting the configuration of applications, and features an open API for use with any Java Cryptography Extension provider.

Jasypt also follows the RSA standards for password-based cryptography, and provides both no-configuration encryption tools for users new to encryption, and highly configurable standard encryption tools for power-users.


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