Novell Asks: Which Windows-Only Apps Do You Need Most?

Novell wants to know which Windows-only apps people want on Linux so it can lobby these vendors to port their programs. (Desktop Linux)

Novell, through its CoolSolutions community-relations Web site, is conducting an online public survey to determine which Windows-only applications are most likely to keep Windows users from migrating to Linux.

The company also wants to know which Windows-only apps would be most popular on Linux desktops if they were ported to Linux.

"The end result is that we will be contacting the vendors of these applications, asking them to partner with Novell to port their software to Linux," said CoolSolutions site editor Scott Morris. "As you know, numbers speak volumes."

Morris said responses to the survey, which was launched earlier this month, thus far have been all over the board.

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"We are getting some responses that we expected, such as money management software (Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax)," he told in an e-mail.

"Some responses were not anticipated, such as (Adobe) Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. Its nice to see things from the multimedia field being requested. That seems to indicate that the other basic needs are already fulfilled."

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