Novell/Microsoft Deal: Good for Novell, Good for Linux?

Opinion: Yes, the deal is good for Novell. But what about Linux, especially the other Linux companies? That may be another matter entirely. (Linux-Watch)

Microsoft? Microsoft is giving a Linux distribution its blessing? Novell is working with its arch-enemy of over 20-years?

It still seems unbelievable, but it did happen. Microsoft is "supporting" Linux, and both companies are working together to improve interoperability between Windows and Linux.

So, this is great news, right? Microsoft finally admits Linux is not only for real, but that they need to work with it. Wonderful, right? Right?

OK, so it is wonderful for Novell. This move instantly makes SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) the Linux of choice for any company thats already invested in Windows.

Forget about the 75,000 SLES discount coupons that Microsoft will be giving to customers that are interested in Linux.

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