Novell Ramps Up its Linux Push

With the long-awaited release of Novell's dual operating system and the announcement of the upcoming release of ZENworks 7 Linux Management, 'Novell is committed to listening to customers and providing solutions to their problems,' CEO says.

Novell continued its move into becoming a Linux company by announcing this week its next-generation, hybrid NetWare and Linux operating system, Open Enterprise Server, and ZENworks 7 Linux Management, an integrated, management system for centralized control of Linux desktops and servers.

OES (Open Enterprise Server) gives administrators a choice between the NetWare and SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server kernels.

Regardless of the base operating system, though, both provide file, print, directory, management, collaboration and application services.

"Novell is committed to listening to customers and providing solutions to their problems," said Jack Messman, Novell Inc. chairman and CEO, in a statement.

"Open Enterprise Server protects the prior investment that customers made in NetWare and extends to them the freedom and flexibility of Linux."

Novell has been slowly rolling out OES to beta sites for more than six months now.

Both Novell customers and resellers have been enthusiastic about the new package.

"One of the things about Open Enterprise Server that interests us the most is that well be able to have NetWare and Linux servers in the same cluster—running the same resources—which will allow us to migrate over to Linux at our own pace," said Mike Mason, senior systems manager for Volvo Motor Graders Limited, a division of Volvo Construction Equipment in North America.

"We are still working with the OES Beta, but so far we are extremely impressed with what we see, and there is no question OES will have a significant place in our IT infrastructure," said Chuck Perilli, an IT manager at the Navy Federal Credit Union.

On Friday, Novell also released ZENworks 7 Linux Management, the latest version of its network management program.

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While earlier versions of ZENworks could work with Linux, this new edition provides improved management tools for both Linux desktops and servers.

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Besides working with OES, Novell Linux Desktop, and SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) 9, ZENworks 7 can also be used to manage Red Hat Inc.s RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

This latest edition adds imaging, configuration lockdown, better remote management, and inventory and software package management to its tool kit.

ZENworks 7 uses Policy-Driven Automation to simplify Linux deployment and management.

"Companies need integrated tools that automate Linux system management," said Fred Broussard, IDC research manager.

"Novell is changing Linux management by applying its expertise in complete lifecycle management through Policy-Driven Automation to reduce management costs and accelerate the adoption of Linux in the enterprise."

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Novell Open Enterprise Server is now available through Novell channel partners at upgrade pricing for those migrating from competitive platforms.

More pricing information can be found at Novells Web site.

ZENworks is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2005, and pricing has not been set yet.

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