Novell, SAP Work to Attract SMBs to SUSE Linux

Novell and SAP are out to get even the smallest SAP user running mission-critical applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. 

Novell and SAP have announced that they will customize SAP's enterprise applications to work even more efficiently with SUSE Linux Enterprise and its associated virtualization and identity management technologies.

According to the press release, Novell and SAP will optimize SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP's data center applications, further promote SAP's SUSE Linux-based Business All-in-One solutions and work within the SAP Enterprise Services Community program on behalf of customers in ways related to SAP's GRC (governance, risk and compliance) practices. The goal is to make it so that any SAP applications users, from the smallest company to the Fortune 50, can run more of their mission-critical operations on SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server), while reducing their total cost of ownership.

Specifically, Novell and SAP will work to create an SLES-based SAP Business All-in-One solution for small and midsize businesses. Historically, SAP has concentrated on the biggest of enterprises. Recently, however, SAP has focused on SMBs with initiatives like its All-in-One Fast-Start.

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