OpenOffice Is 10 Years Behind MS Office? Thats Fine!

Opinion: A free, open-source office software suite with all the features you need. Where's the problem? (

In an interview with Australian online technology newspaper IT Wire, Alan Yates, general manager of business strategy for Microsofts information worker group, said is about where MS Office was 10 years ago.

That is to say, Microsoft seems to think is only good for single-desktop users.

And, thats a problem because...?

I dont get it.

I use OO.o ( 2 every day. It works. It has all the features I need.

Its fast. Its reliable. I can send files from it via e-mail directly from my application. Its also secure, unlike Office.

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And, its file format can also be read now and forever after by any program that uses the ODF (Open Document Format).

Oh, and did I mention that OO.o doesnt cost a penny, while Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 lists for $499?


OK, I give up, whats the problem with OO.o again?

Lets get real for a minute. There has not been a significant upgrade in Office suite functionality, from anyone, since, oh, Office 97.

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