3.2 Racks Up Spreadsheet Tweaks and File Format Fixes

1 of 14 3.2 Racks Up Spreadsheet Tweaks and File Format Fixes 3.2 Racks Up Spreadsheet Tweaks and File Format FixesBy Jason Brooks

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OLE Object Support, After 3.2 comes with better support for documents saved in Microsoft's OOXML format, including support for Pivot Tables and OLE objects embedded in Excel spreadsheets.

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OLE Object Support, Before

In Version 3.1 the sorts of embedded objects that Version 3.2 displays without issue end up lost in translation.

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Password Protection in 3.2

Version 3.2 of adds support for opening password-protected documents stored in Office 2007's default format.

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Password Protection in 3.1

In the previous release, opening password-protected OOXML documents turned up this dead-end import dialog.

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One-Way Password Protection

More work remains on the OOXML password-protected document support front, however, as 3.2 can't modify these documents and send them back in that newer format.

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Two-Way Password Protection

However, does a fine job creating and modifying password-protected Office documents using the older binary formats.

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MediaWiki Extension

The MediaWiki export feature of Writer has moved out into an extension in Version 3.2.

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MySQL Connector Extension

I was impressed with the project's MySQL Connector extension, which makes it easy to access this database from applications across the suite.

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MySQL in Calc

Once I'd established the connection to my MySQL database with the connector, I could access my tables and queries throughout the suite.

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Query Wizard

I could create queries for my MySQL database within Base using the application's query wizard, or by inputting my own SQL.

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Copy and Paste of Noncontiguous Ranges

I was happy to see that's Calc spreadsheet application now supports copying and pasting noncontiguous ranges of cells.

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Fun with Auto-complete

Calc sports a smarter auto-complete feature that correctly recognizes new patterns such as IP address ranges.

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