Takes Another Step Forward released a minor update for its office suite that includes some major improvements.

The new version of, 2.01, fixes some small bugs and includes support for several new languages, such as Turkish, Russian and Hungarian.

The bigger news is that the office suite now includes several business-friendly features.

The first of these is that administrators can now disable and hide some application settings. This enables managers to build a special installation set of OO.o ( suitable for different user groups.

OO.o has also become a bit more compatible with Microsoft Office formats with an expansion of its support for various bullets and numbering features.

Thus, when a Word document is converted into an ODF (OpenDocument Format) any bullet or number lists are more likely to be converted with the same images or numbering schemes.

This version also includes a new keyboard shortcut, which enables users to return to a saved cursor position. The default, in OO.o Writer, for authors is to open the document at the position where they left the document last time. For a reader, the default is to open the paper at its first page.

While OO.o is currently only available on Unix/Linux and Windows platforms, with 2.01, the group has also finally released a SDK (software development kit) for OO.o for the Mac platform.

At this time, there is an OO.o-based office suite, NeoOfficej, available for the Mac, but its not an actual OO.o port.


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