OpenSUSE 10.1 Arrives

Users of the popular community Linux distribution get in line to download the new version. (

Get your FTP and BitTorrent clients ready—OpenSUSE 10.1 has arrived!

In a recent OpenSUSE mailing list note, Andreas Jaeger, Novell/SUSEs project manager for SUSE Linux and OpenSUSE, announced that "SUSE Linux 10.1 is Done."

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A tired Jaeger wrote: "We mastered Wednesday RC4, fixed bugs, and then mastered RC5, and declared that last night (May 4) as goldmaster (= final version).

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"We only did a limited set of media for now and will do the final sets, all the delta ISOs (both from RC1 and RC3), and a proper frozen ftp tree on Monday and distribute it to the mirrors so that we can announce and release this version next Thursday (11th of May)."

In his blog, Jaeger continued: "Weve finished last Thursday SUSE Linux 10.1 and those last two days were—as usual—quite hectic with testing and fixing of shipment blockers."


This release came, to Jaegers dismay, later than he had hoped.

Still, while it "took a lot longer than needed to get package management and Xen in a good shape ... we also managed to get the rest of the product in a great shape during that time!"

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