PeopleSoft to Support Apples Safari Browser

The company announces it will certify Apple's open-source Safari Web browser for its Web-based applications.

LAS VEGAS—PeopleSoft Inc. announced Wednesday at its Leadership Summit here that it will certify Apple Computer Inc.s open-source Safari Web browser for its Web-based applications, continuing a theme of open-source support at the conference.

On Tuesday, PeopleSoft announced that all of its applications will run on Linux starting at the end of the year.

Safari delivers the fastest browser performance in the Mac OS X environment, according to PeopleSoft officials.

Safari features SnapBack navigation that enables a user to step back through a transaction with a single click rather than many and a tabbed browsing feature that will enable users to access multiple PeopleSoft application pages in a single window, which officials said is an important feature in multilingual call centers where a customer service agent needs access to applications in more than one language on the same system.

PeopleSoft will support Safari by the fourth quarter of this year. The Pleasanton, Calif., companys enterprise applications already run on Mac OS 9 and OS X.

PeopleSofts open-source support wont extend to databases just yet, however.

"We believe open-source databases are not ready for prime time yet," said Rick Bergquist, PeopleSofts chief technology officer.

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