Pervasive Taps Linux Devices

Pervasive Software Inc. has released an extension for its Pervasive.SQL embedded database.

Pervasive Software Inc. has released an extension for its Pervasive.SQL embedded database that will connect to remote Linux-based devices such as desktops, point-of-sale systems, set-top boxes and medical equipment.

Remote Data Requester for Linux is now available as a free download from the companys site.

Michael Doty, senior systems engineer for Flexible Solutions Inc., a Bensenville, Ill., developer of bar and restaurant point-of-sale systems, is enthusiastic about the cost savings his customers will enjoy once hes developed a Linux version of his companys software. Until Pervasives release of Remote Data Requester for Linux, Doty was forced to develop for Windows, which cost his customers $250 per machine. The open-source Linux operating system generally is marketed as much less expensive than proprietary operating systems.

"I can cut that cost dramatically by using Linux," Doty said. "Our customers dont even know [about Flexible Solutions likely move to put out a Linux version]. If they knew, theyd be requesting it."

Venture Development Corp., of Natick, Mass., pegged Linux as the No. 1 operating system platform supporting database management solutions for embedded system devices in 2002. The analyst company said it expects the use of Linux to expand and span IT devices in all vertical markets. Such devices feature a database engine that is tightly integrated with an application to manage complex data.

Like other Pervasive products, Remote Data Requester supports various versions of freely available and commercial distributions of Linux. The software also supports transactional and relational data access methods.

It supports Linux kernel Version 2.4 or higher for connection to Pervasive.SQL 2000i SP4 and Pervasive.SQL V8 SP2 back-end servers. Pervasive.SQL Linux is compliant with Red Hat Ready 2.1, having application compatibility for enterprises running Red Hat Inc.s Enterprise Linux distribution.

According to Pervasive, which is based in Austin, Texas, more than 60 percent of recently surveyed customers who have downloaded a test edition of the Pervasive.SQL server engine for Linux said they have or will have a Linux/ Pervasive.SQL application within a year.