Readers Respond: Give Novell a Break

Readers respond to the eWEEK Labs blog, "Give Novell a Break."

In a Nov. 20 blog, eWEEK Labs Advanced Technologies Analyst Jason Brooks commented on Novell CEO Ron Hovsepians open letter to the Linux community. In that letter, Hovsepian reiterated Novells commitment to open-source tenets and distanced the company from Microsofts claims that Linux has infringed on Microsoft patents. Brooks urged people to give Novell a break. He received many heated responses, some of which are excerpted below.

Linux is the joint effort of thousands of volunteers. If Novell wants to do business with Microsoft, its their decision, but not at the expense of others.


Microsoft might be arrogant and full of FUD, but (as the Netscape people know) Microsoft eventually does "get it" and will then play to win.

Tim Wohlford

Its virtually impossible to write any nontrivial software without unintentionally overlapping dozens, if not hundreds, of supposed patents. Talk about stifled innovation.


I really do not understand where all of these ideologists and free software/open software pragmatists are getting the idea that all of a sudden Novell is betraying them and the whole movement behind Linux. Novell did and is doing lots of work for the open-source world. And, yes, it is a company with shareholders and employees, so it needs to make money.