Red Hat Lands Swedish Windows-to-Linux Contract

Red Hat gets Swedish military to move from archaic Microsoft NT to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. (Linux-Watch)

Nine times out of 10, Linux migration contracts are about companies switching from Unix to Linux. This ones the tenth. Red Hat announced on Feb. 6 in Stockholm, Sweden that the Swedish Armed Forces has decided to migrate its servers from Windows NT to RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

With the deal, FMLOG Servicedesk, the Swedish Armed Forces IT department, will be able to offer RHEL solutions to any division or branch of the military. At present, RHEL is the operating system platform on nearly 200 servers in the Armed Forces core IT infrastructure. There, its used to run in-house developed software.

The decision to go ahead and migrate other servers running the obsolete Windows server operating system NT to Red Hat was primarily based on its advanced security features.

Another factor was Red Hats strong support, ease of migration and its compatibility with existing in-house software.

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