S2 Mystery Man Anderer Speaks on MS, SCO, and Licensing

Mike Anderer, author of the S2 to SCO memo that revealed Microsoft's involvement with SCO's financing, talks about his work, but not the financing.

Mike Anderer was the author of the S2-to-SCO Group memo that comprises the "Halloween X" document that was released to the press by Eric Raymond last week. Anderer, the CEO of S2 and the middleman in the SCO Groups $50 million PIPE transaction of last October 16 contacted us today, and while he is under a non-disclosure agreement and cant say very much about the $50 million PIPE deal, what follows are some of the thoughts he can share.

I am certain people would like to know what is happening but I cannot talk to you without permission. will tell you my background is integration and I am OS agnostic; the more there are the better. I will file close to 20 patents this year for companies in many spaces, including homeland security, anti-terrorism, several grid computing and virtual machine patents, and, ironically, I should have one issued in the expiring and disappearing e-mail arena. It was initiated 4-5 yrs ago.

I have helped many companies and individuals who run companies in the GNU/Linux, BSD, and Unix world as well as those in the Microsoft world. I admire the good parts and despair the bad parts.

Most of my time is currently spent on new technologies on several different platforms. Many of my companies and several of our offices have been merged into other companies, moved or sold as part of a technology deal, some even sold during the deepest parts of the downturn. I helped build the channels for most of the products that corporate America is currently using and some they will be using soon. In several cases, I am finally finding or developing ways to solve problems I have been working on for the last 20 years. The only way I can hide is to work so hard that it becomes close to impossible to track all the companies I have owned, bought, sold, rolled up, or sat on the board of. If you include the ones where I helped entrepreneurs and companies through tough times, or sat on non-profit boards, the list would be even tougher to follow.

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