SCO Announces New OpenServer Service Pack

While SCO gets headlines for its Linux legal wars, it's also still improving its OpenServer operating system.

The legally embattled Unix company The SCO Group distributed a press release Wednesday, and for a change it wasnt about a lawsuit, intellectual property violations regarding Unix, or distributed denial of service attacks on its Web site. SCO announced the delivery of its OpenServer Update Pack 2, what it called "a key milestone in the OpenServer development roadmap."

For those who know SCO Group only for Unix vs. Linux IP litigation against companies such as IBM, Red Hat, and Novell, the company makes -- and provides support for -- a variety of Linux, Unix, mail, and ID servers. It is also the owner of the UnixWare operating system.

The two key features of the service pack are that it allows OpenServe administrators to to connect their systems to USB-compatible devices, including USB 1.1- and 2.0-compatible printers, and that it includes the object-relational database management system, PostgreSQL.

For the rest of the story, turn to NewsForge here.

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