SCO CEO McBride Gets Ready to Leave

In an interview, McBride admits that his days at SCO are numbered. 

It's been an open secret that controversial SCO CEO Darl McBride was being forced out. Now, in an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune, McBride admits that his days at SCO are numbered.

In the interview, McBride said, "Clearly when we draw up a battle plan for what we've been working for the last several years, trying to get SCO's intellectual rights fought through in the courts and the marketplace, the endgame didn't have this sort of outcome for me personally."

It was under McBride's leadership that SCO launched its kamikaze attack on IBM, Novell, and the Linux community and business at large on the grounds that Linux had violated SCO's Unix IP (intellectual property) rights. SCO was never able to prove any of its IP claims in courts. What finally drove the company into bankruptcy was the continued decline of its Unix business, the costs of its never-ending lawsuits and-the final straw-a U.S. District Court ruling that Novell, and not SCO, actually owned Unix's IP.

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