SCO Delays Launch of Site on IP Battles

While SCO says it's still working on a site to present its side of its legal goings-on to the public, the launch has been pushed back.

The SCO Group Inc. announced a few weeks ago that it would launch a Web site to present its side of the story of its IP (intellectual property) fights with IBM and Novell. The sites launch, however, has been delayed.

"The company has made the decision to wait a little longer before posting content to the site and having it go live. This was a decision made by the executive and legal teams," said Blake Stowell, director of corporate communications for Lindon, Utah-based SCO.

There have been some reports that SCO was abandoning the project, but that is not the case, according to Stowell.

Stowell said the site—when its launched in a few weeks—will not only present SCOs side in its IP cases but also will provide readers "with copies of the filings, dates of upcoming hearings and filings, links to news articles, etc."

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SCO decided to develop the site in response to Pamela Jones news and opinion site. Groklaw is a popular site devoted to reporting on SCO and on legal issues of concern to the open-source community.

SCO officials said they think they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to news coverage, not only at "anti-SCO" sites such as Groklaw but also at conventional news sites. The company hopes its own site will get its story out to the public.

At the moment, it remains a one-page site that directs readers to existing pages on SCOs main site for information about its IBM and Novell cases.

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