SCO to License Unix to Microsoft

The news comes on the heels of SCO's warnings to Linux distributors of their unauthorized use of some Unix code.

The SCO Group, fresh off of news of suspending its Linux distribution last week, today announced it has licensed its Unix technology to Microsoft Corp., according to a company release.

The license includes a software patent and source code, and enables Microsoft to be in compliance with SCOs intellectual property rights, according to the company statement.

Last week, SCO took the latest step in its goal to mine revenue from its Unix intellectual property, which goes all the way back to the original AT&T Unix, when the Lindon, Utah, company announced that Linux operating system distributions contain unauthorized use of Unix code, and that the company issued warnings of potential legal liability to Linux users and developers.

SCO also suspended its participation in the UnitedLinux consortium and stopped distributing its Linux product. (SCO last year was a founding member of the four-company consortium, which shares a common Linux base.)

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