Server Room Nightmares: 5 Steps to Create a Cool, Safe Place for Your Data

INFOGRAPHIC: Take five important steps to ensure that your cramped, poorly ventilated server room won’t cause an avoidable outage: Save money, prevent serious data loss or a business shut down. Learn how now.

Undersized, cluttered and poorly designed server rooms can be a contributing factor to service outages that are expensive to fix and cause data losses that cripple or kill a business. This is a particular problem for small and midsize businesses with tight budgets that often cut corners when building their server rooms.

As a result, the servers that keep these businesses depend on are stacked up in what is no better than a cramped, poorly ventilated closet that's inadequately cooled. This lack of space also makes it more likely that server power and network cables will become hopelessly tangled, which complicates maintenance and raises the chances of an outage.

But these problems are easy to fix and avoid. This infographic illustrates five simple steps you should follow to provide clean, cool and well-lighted places for your business-critical servers. Best of all a well-designed server room can save you money on power and cooling.