SFLC to Dismiss GPL Lawsuit

High-Gain Antennas agrees to conform to the GPL regarding BusyBox code in response to a suit from the Software Freedom Law Center.

The Software Freedom Law Center and High-Gain Antennas jointly announced March 6 that High-Gain will conform to the General Public License and that as a result the SFLC will dismiss its GPL lawsuit.

The suit began when the developers of BusyBox, a set of embedded Unix utilities licensed under the GPLv2, asked High-Gain to provide access to its source code, which used BusyBox code. The company didn't respond, so BusyBox brought the licensing disagreement to the SFLC's attention.

High-Gain, which uses the BusyBox code in several of its Wi-Fi devices, has agreed to publish the code and to appoint an open-source compliance officer to make sure the company doesn't violate the GPL again. BusyBox's developers, Erik Andersen and Rob Landley, also received a financial settlement.
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