Show Us the Code: Right Pew, Wrong Church

Opinion: It sounds like a great idea: "OK, Microsoft, show us the code where Linux violates your patents." Unfortunately, that's not how patents work. (Linux-Watch)

Along the lines of early efforts to derail SCOs claims that Linux infringes Unix copyrights, a gentleman going by the moniker "digduality" has decided to fight recent claims by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents, by launching

As you might guess from its name, the Web sites theme is, "since you, Microsoft, claim to be so sure of yourself: Show Us the Code."

In the few days since its Feb. 23 launch, the Web site has gained a great deal of attention on such sites as Digg, Linux Today and Slashdot.

Most of the people who have weighed in with comments on the issue have strongly voiced their support. They too want Microsoft to show "the public the code within Linux that violates their intellectual property by May 1st, 2007."

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It sounds like a good idea; but unfortunately, it misses the point.

In Microsofts latest FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) campaign—make no mistake, thats exactly what this is—Ballmer is not claiming that Linux contains any kind of Microsoft copyright violations. That was, at one time, SCOs claim, not Microsofts.

In this assault on Linux, Ballmer is broadly hinting that Linux is infringing on Microsofts enormous patent portfolio. And, when it comes to patents, there is no "code" to be shown.

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