SpikeSource Offers Stack Choices

Built-to-order stacks join prebuilt wares.

SpikeSource Inc. says it will now provide made-to-order open-source stacks of software fully configured and tested for enterprise customers.

Kim Polese, CEO of the Redwood City, Calif., company, said SpikeSources new strategy will let developers either choose from prebuilt stacks or order their own. Polese said the SpikeSource Core stack features more than 70 components that can be integrated to make stacks for specific needs.

"Were providing made-to-order stacks to enable companies to dynamically configure systems on the fly," Polese said at OSCON (OReilly Open Source Convention) in Portland, Ore., last week. "Today, we offer several preconfigured stacks on our site, but this will let people have it their way."

Polese said SpikeSources "automation is what allows us to scale. The architecture allows us to automate the addition of components. What our engineering team has been working on is the automation of this capability."

SpikeSource includes a Network Installer for ease of installation and a Configuration Manager that makes future stack and component reconfigurations easier, the company said. Using SpikeSources integrated stacks can save days or weeks spent integrating and configuring individual components and testing for overall interoperability, the company said.

In addition, SpikeSource does extensive interoperability testing to make sure that all components in the stacks work well together and that the stacks perform properly, Polese said. SpikeSource performs more than 27,000 tests across six language run-times and multiple operating systems each time code changes, officials said. SpikeSource monitors open-source projects to track the bugs, fixes and security patches in each component, officials said.

In addition, SpikeSource announced newly added support for Red Hat Inc.s Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 and Novell Inc.s SuSE Linux Professional 9.2, which complements the companys support for Fedora Core 3, RHEL 3 and SuSE Linux Professional 9.1.

SpikeSource has also added support for more open-source components, such as PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin, pgsql JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) drivers, Xalan and Xerces to its list of supported components, the company said.

Each component is fully integrated into the SpikeSource Core stack and made available as part of a preconfigured stack or as an option for installation as part of a made-to-order stack.