Stallman Details Kerelas Desktop Linux Adoption

Q&A: The GNU/Linux and Free Software guru explains why 12,500 high schools in a southern Indian state will switch all their computers from Windows to Linux.

To learn more about the recently reported migration of computers in 12,500 high schools in the southern Indian state of Kerela from Windows to GNU/Linux, prompted largely by the recent visit to India of free software guru Richard M. Stallman, contacted Stallman for further details.

Knowing that Stallman was still in the midst of his world travels on his GNU/Linux mission, we contacted him via e-mail in France in an effort to follow up on our prior story about Kerelas Windows-to-GNU/Linux migration.

Stallman, founder of the GNU free software project, answered our questions in the following Q&A-style interview:

Can you describe what kind of GNU/Linux system the good folks in Kerela will be instituting in the high schools?

They have made their own distro, emphasizing support for Malayalam (the language of Kerala). I dont know any more details ...

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