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Stuff That Matters

O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly says open-source developers should work on stuff that matters.

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Halls of Open Source

The main hall, including the registration area for OSCON 2012.

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Ward Cunningham

Ward Cunningham, creator of the wiki, imparts some of his knowledge to OSCON attendees, giving back to the community.

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Welcome to OSCON

Welcome to OSCON banner hanging over a main entrance to the conference.

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Put Open Source to Work

One of several job boards at OSCON full of prospective opportunities for developers steeped in open-source expertise.

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OSS Pong

Bluehost enables developers to unwind in a "friendly" ping-pong tournament.

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Greenlight for Girls

The Greenlight for Girls project seeks to get girls mostly aged 10 to 15 interested in science and technology, including computer science and open-source software development.

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Microsoft Photo Pro

In the Microsoft booth, professional photographer Julian Cash, who also is an open-source programmer and longtime OSCON attendee, took professional-quality photos of anybody who came by. Here he photographs a Puppet Labs developer with a fierce pink Mohawk.

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Dells Project Sputnik

Dell's Project Sputnik is aimed at delivering a developer laptop running Ubuntu.

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Dell Developer Laptop

An early version of the Dell developer laptop running Ubuntu was on display at the show.

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Microsoft Plays Well With Others

Gianugo Rabellino, senior director of open-source communities at Microsoft Open Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, poses in front of a sign at the Microsoft booth that touts how well Microsoft can play with others.

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Mr. Phipps

They call him Mr. Phipps. Simon Phipps (right), president of the Open Source Initiative beams in the OSI booth over his organization's move to accept individual members.

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Inflatable Linux

An inflatable Linux penguin rests in the OuterCurve Foundation booth at OSCON.

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Companies supporting the open-source OpenStack cloud platform banded together to show support for the technology.

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Use Your Pixel Sense

In the Microsoft booth, a user tries out the 82-inch multi-touch display from Perceptive Pixel, which Microsoft recently agreed to acquire.

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Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, which provides the Ubuntu Linux distribution, talks about DevOps and enhancing the Ubuntu desktop.

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The Hostess

Sarah Novotny, co-host of the OSCON 2012 show, sets ground rules for the event.

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John Mone

John Mone, executive vice president of technology and program management at EIG, talks about the value of open source.

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Small-Business Startup Costs

A comparison of small-business startup costs in 2000 versus 2012.

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Open Source Drives Small Business

John Mone's graphic on how open-source drives small business.

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Tim OReilly

Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media, talks about developers creating value by working on creative projects and giving back.

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The Host

Edd Dumbill, a host of the OSCON event, sets the stage for speakers of the day.

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David Eaves

Open-source management expert talks about the science of open-source community management.

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Danny Hillis

Danny Hillis of Applied Minds talks about the Learning Map.

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Brian Aker

HP's Brian Aker talks about scaling the OpenStack technology.

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