Sun meeting with IBM, but not talking open source Java -- yet

Sun and IBM are already talking about open source and Java but the results of these talks may be weeks away.

As we reported Thursday, Sun Microsystems is indeed meeting privately with IBM to discuss working together on an open source implementation of Java, but the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company wont be talking about it publicly anytime soon, a Sun spokeswoman told NewsForge Friday.

We might not have anything to say (publicly) this week, or even next month," the spokeswoman said.

The simple fact that Sun is even considering putting Java into the open source realm is news in that the company has always been fiercely protective of its enterprise software franchise. Java, an open standards programming language with a large and mostly loyal development community, is nonetheless a closely guarded proprietary technology created by Sun fellow Dr. James Gosling and his group in the early 90s.

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