Sun To Linux-Enable All Java And C/C++ Tools

Sun is moving alls its programming tools, including Sun Studio, Java Studio, and NetBeans to Linux.

According to Jacqueline Emigh of LinuxPlanet, Sun is rolling out plans to make all its development tools available on Linux by the end of 2004, including environments for both Java and C/C++ developers.

Suns Java Studio Standard tools are already available for Linux. Jeff Anders, group marketing manager, said that Sun will also produce a Linux edition of Sun Studio, its kit for C/C++ developers, by the end of this year. Until now, Sun Studio has only been available for Solaris.

Also set for Linux-enablement in 2004 are the following Java-based tools: Java Studio Creator; Java Studio Enterprise; Java Studio Mobility; and versions 3.6 and 4.0 of the NetBeans open source IDE.

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