Sun to Update Solaris, Name OpenSolaris Board Members

Less than half of those selected to the project's governance board are expected to be Sun staff members; the majority are thought to be from the company's customer base, the industry and the open-source community.

Sun Microsystems Inc. is already hard at work on the feature-set for the next version of its Solaris operating system, which is taking place on a parallel track to the development of updates for Solaris 10, released at the end of January.

The plan is for new features and technology from the next version of Solaris to be delivered through the Software Express for Solaris program, which gives customers regular snapshots of future software features currently under development at a very early stage, as happened with Solaris 10.

"In next few months, you will see Sun opening up the next version of Solaris," John Loiacono, Suns executive vice president for software, told eWEEK.

Customers using Solaris 10 had asked for a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for DTrace, the facility that opens to developers and system administrators a window into the workings of the operating system and the applications that run on it, Loiacono said, so it was working on that.

"Customers also want predictive self-healing updates, with a more user-friendly interface to allow less-technical people do this. We are also working on virtualization; we are pushing our container technology to the next level," he said.

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On Monday, Sun is expected to also announce the names of the board members who will establish the rules for community governance around its OpenSolaris project.

While Sun officials declined to name those selected to the governance board, less than half of them are believed to be Sun staff, with the majority coming from its customer base, the industry and the open-source community.

The board will be tasked with putting the processes and details in place that will govern how the OpenSolaris community works together.

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