Suns JES 3.0 Simplifies Enterprise Infrastructure

The latest version of Sun's Java Enterprise System provides identity management, grid provisioning, and multiplatform support for Solaris 10.

Sun Microsystems on Thursday released the third version of its Java Enterprise System infrastructure software, which includes new software like the Sun Java System Identity Manager, Sun Java System Portal Access, the NI Grid Service Provisioning System and the Sun Java Studio tools portfolio.

The JES also now offers multiplatform support for Solaris 10 on both SPARC and x86 hardware, for HP-UX, Linux, and Windows 2000 and XP. The software is also licensed under a single annual fee that gives users unlimited use rights.

Sun Java Enterprise System Release 3 is available for $140 per employee per year, which includes access to the comprehensive set of software for enterprise deployment with an infinite right to use.

Sun Microsystems Inc. has signed up some 360 customers representing nearly 433,000 seats worldwide to its JES.

The new software components in JES version 3 include the Sun Java System Identity Manager, which brings integrated user provisioning and identity synchronization services, and the Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition, which extends the advanced operational capabilities of the Sun Java System Application Server Standard Edition, adding failover and recovery to provide continuous availability for J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications and Web services.

Suns latest quarterly results, released earlier this month, showed that the growth in JES server software sales had slowed down. Sun sold only 15,000 new JES subscriptions in that quarter, the lowest number since the program started in 2003.

Sun officials have also confirmed that the company is looking at open-sourcing JES, but have declined to say when that might happen.

/zimages/6/28571.gifRead more here about the possibility that Sun may move its Java Enterprise System to open source.

But some analysts like Stacey Quandt, an analyst at research company Robert Frances Group Inc. of Westport, Conn., question the rationale for opening JES. "They are making money from it, so there is no reason at present to open-source it or any of the other software up the stack," Quandt said.

"That totally misses the fundamental shift in the software industry—its like saying Google shouldnt be free or they wont be able to make money," countered Jonathan Schwartz, Suns president and chief operating officer.

"In fact, the more people taking advantage of Googles free service, the more attractive their business model. Same with us—the more users there are, the more opportunity there is for service contracts, systems sales, JES licenses, storage and hooking into our grid," Schwartz said. "For us, open source is capitalism and a business opportunity at its very best."

The N1 Grid Service Provisioning System automates application provisioning by enabling administrators to deploy, configure and update network services from a Web browser, while simplifying complex software installation and configuration.

The Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access dynamically renders and delivers personalized and aggregated content to partners, customers and employees using wireless mobile devices.

Also included is the Sun Java Studio Enterprise, a model-driven analysis, design and development environment that leverages the UML (Unified Modeling Language); and Sun Java Studio Creator, a next-generation tool for Java application development that combines simplified visual development techniques with the power of Java technology platform standards.

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