Survey Shows Linux Is the Better Server Choice

Opinion: Get the real facts. Linux takes up less time to run and provision than Windows. (Linux-Watch)

Put it in their copy of the Wall Street Journal. Place it between their doughnuts and coffee. Stick a copy in their organizer. Do whatever it takes to get your senior executives to read the new research report "Get the Truth on Linux Management," co-sponsored by the OSDL (Open Source Development Labs) and Linux management company Levanta.

After years of putting up with Microsofts anti-Linux half-truths in its Get-the-FUD campaign, Linux supporters are finally striking back.

But if thats all this report was, Id barely bother with it.

Operating system flame wars may be exciting, but no one ever changes their positions because of them.

People just harden into the positions they were already occupying.

Whats different about this report from Microsofts endless series of anti-Linux reports is that it focuses on the hard evidence of uptime, management and software costs, and system administrator costs per server and user.

By those basic metrics, they (Microsoft) prove that Linux is simply easier and cheaper to manage on servers than Windows.

Actually, OSDL and Levanta dont need to prove anything. The numbers speak for themselves.

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