SUSE Co-Founder Returns to Novell

Hubert Mantel has returned to oversee the SUSE Linux kernel at his old stomping grounds. (Linux-Watch)

SUSE co-founder Hubert Mantel is back in the saddle at Novell. Back in November of 2005 when the well-respected chief maintainer of the SUSE Linux kernel left Novell, he said in an e-mail announcing his resignation that "This is no longer the company I founded 13 years ago."

One of the reasons some believed Mantel left Novell was because Novell briefly decided to support only GNOME as its one official desktop.

The company quickly backed off this idea, but by then, Mantel had already left.

Mandel was one of several SUSE senior staffers to leave Novell following the companys acquisition of SUSE in January 2004.

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